Shearwater Decked Sailing Canoelugsail ketch rig on Old Town PenobscotCustom Built Clinker Ply Constructionleeboard with thwart and bracketLeeboard bracket Solway Dory is the principal manufacturer of sailing canoes in the U.K. We have a workshop in the Lake District where we produce a range of our own designs of sailing canoe. These are made by us in our own workshop and not by cheap far eastern labour. We do not sell our products through shops. This allows us to keep our costs down by cutting out the middle man and selling to you direct.




We make a variety of sailing rigs for the canoeist to fit to his paddling canoe. This can be a suprisingly effective and can be an economical way of getting an entry level sailing canoe.





We also provide a custom design service where we can design and make sailing canoes in wood. We have had many years of experience designing, building and using wooden sailing canoes.



We have a range of accessories where the home builder can find things like outriggers, leeboards, rudders, buoyancy, paddles etc.

Many people make homebuilt plywood canoes and often there is a sailing rig on the plan. Whilst many people can make a good canoe hull very few have the skill to make a good sail or to make a good hydrofoil shaped board. The result can often be disappointing and be quite difficult to learn how to sail with. Investing in a professionaly made sailing rig will make it easier to learn to sail and the results will be far more enjoyable.





If you want to make everything yourself then we can still help you with the difficult bits like the leeboard bracket or rudder fittings. We can also supply other fittings if you are having difficulty sourcing them. Please phone  or e-mail us. We are also happy to give you advice on any project that concerns sailing canoes, even if you are not buying from us.