Dorothy - Paddling Canoe

Dorothy Group CanoeWe designed and built this 28 ft canoe for an outdoor centre. They wanted a canoe which would take 14 people and bivi gear.

The following images show the boat under construction. We used 3/8 marine ply and epoxy.The outside of the bottom is sheathed in Kevlar and filled and finished with graphite.

The coffin shaped box is a hold; it not only holds the gear but keeps the crew balanced on each side of the canoe. When the boat has a lot of water in it, the box also stops it from swilling about from side to side and has a remarkable effect on stability.

Boat Under Construction

stich and glue constructionfitting outready for sheathing

Crew Trying to Capsize Canoe

Crew Trying to Capsize the CanoeCrew Trying to Capsize the CanoeCrew Trying to Capsize the Canoe

Not all that easy.. but it can be done! Subsequently getting back in and bailing before paddling while swamped.

Capsized CanoeGetting Back in and BailingPaddling While Swamped

The specification didn't actually call for a sail but we sneaked a mast foot in anyway. We put it well forward and the idea is to sail down wind only with an old spinnaker on a windsurfer mast.