Sailing Canoes - Complete, Rigged and Ready to Go:


We make three types of sailing canoes:

Little Egret solo sailing canoeCurlew open sailing canoeFulmar decked sailing canoeShearwater Decked Sailing CanoeOsprey Trimaran Sailing Canoe

Open:    We offer the Little Egret & Quetico

Open sailing canoes are capable small sailing boats that are ideally suited to inland waters. They are our lightest and least expensive craft.

The Little Egret is our specialist solo paddling canoe that is designed for the discerning paddler. With its narrow beam and low drag hull it is a dream to paddle and with the simple Expedition Rig it is quick and easy to set for sailing.

The Quetico is a lightweight solo/tandem paddling canoe designed by John Winters. It has a narrow low drag hull making it an ideal tripping canoe. We also equip the Quetico for sailing with our exped lugsail or exped Bermudan rigs.

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Decked:   We offer the Fulmar and Shearwater.

Decked sailing canoes are more seaworthy than open sailing canoes. The decks help to keep the water out when sailing in rough conditions and also allow the canoe to recover from a capsize completely empty of water. They are also more comfortable with wide side decks to sit on and adjustable seats. They are our best expedition boats with loads of stowage under the fore and aft decks. Fulmar is our dedicated solo canoe whilst Shearwater is equally suited to one or two persons. As with our open canoes, stability and seaworthiness can be increased by adding our small outriggers. Follow the links at the top of the page for more information.




Trimaran:   We offer the Osprey.

This is our fastest and most seaworthy craft. With large outriggers and a bigger sailing rig it is capable of a greater cruising range and enhanced level of safety. It is our heaviest and most expensive craft but when dismantled it is still capable of being carried on a car roof rack. Follow the links at the top of the page for more information.