The Avocet  

The Avocet sailing canoe

Currently we are not making the Avocet - details are included here for reference/special orders only

The Avocet is an open sailing canoe for one or two people

  • LOA 16ft.
  • Beam 40inches.
  • Approximate stripped weight 80lbs.
  • Approximate rigged weight 105lbs
  • End buoyancy tanks
  • Side buoyancy bags
  • Leeboard and rudder
  • Fitted with a rig of your choice.
  • Can be supplied with outriggers, trolley and paddles as extras (see accessories)

Avocet is an ideal entry level small boat which is fun to sail. It is  as fast as many small dinghies such as Toppers or Mirrors.Avocet is an un-decked boat for two people but which can be fitted out for one person if desired. It has plenty of room to carry camping gear in dry bags and is suitable for expeditions on inland and sheltered coastal waters.

Avocet may be supplied with a lugsail ketch rig, with a Bermudan ketch rig or with a single Bermudan sail.

Single Bermudan Sail

The Avocet sailing canoesolway dory sailing canoeThe Avocet sailing canoeThe Solway Sory Avocet sailing canoe

Avocet with Bermudan Ketch Rig

Sailing Canoe Avocet with Bermudan Ketch RigSailing canoe with Bermudan Ketch RigAvocet sailing canoe on ullswatersolway dory sailing canoe on Ullswater

Avocet with Lugsail Ketch Rig

Sailing canoe Avocet with Lugsail Ketch RigSailing canoe with seat and side bencheslugsail ketch rig

Reasons for choosing Avocet rather than Curlew as a solo boat might include a competitive urge to take advantage of the slightly higher top speed in strong winds or a wish to carry very large amounts of gear.

Compared to a Royalex hull paddling boat modified for sailing, Avocet is stiffer, more stable and faster. In theory the paddling boat might be expected to paddle better but in practice we have been pleasantly surprised to find that the advantage gained from the superior finish of a GRP hull more than compensates for any disadvantage from greater beam.

If Avocet is intended to be used mainly as a solo boat we would recommend a Bermudan rig. Most paddling canoes can be made to sail surprisingly well but the best hull shape for a sailing canoe is slightly different from that of a paddling canoe. Avocet is designed as a sailing canoe but one which can still be paddled efficiently.. and rowed too.

Trying Out Avocet on Derwent Water

Strip planked Avocet Sailing CanoeAvocet Sailing Canoe on Derwent WaterSailing Canoe Avocet on Derwent Water

Avocet is designed for two people and camping gear but can equally well be sailed by one.

David Stubbs in Prototype Avocet

Solway Dory Sailing Canoe on Hickling BroadSolway Dory Sailing Canoe on Hickling BroadSolway Dory Sailing Canoe on Hickling Broad