The Curlew

The Curlew Open Sailing Canoe

Currently we are not making the Curlew - details are included here for reference/special orders only.

The Curlew is a  solo open sailing canoe

  • LOA 14ft 6ins.
  • Beam 40 inches.
  • Approximate stripped weight 75lbs.
  • Approximate rigged weight 100lbs.
  • Built in end buoyancy tanks
  • Side buoyancy bags
  • Fixed solo webbing seat
  • Side benches for more comfort whilst sitting out
  • Car toppable
  • comes with its own portage trolley

Curlew is an un-decked solo sailing canoe and is the ideal small boat in which to sail and explore. Its short length and lack of deck leads to a reduction in weight which consequently makes it easier to get it on and off the car by yourself. A shorter boat also tacks more easily and Curlew, like Fulmar, has the most dinghy-like handling of any of our boats.

Curlew is normally supplied with a single Bermudan sail but you can have a lugsail ketch if you prefer.

The Solway Dory Curlew - Open sailing canoeSolway dory sailing canoeThe Curlew - Open Single sailing canoewebbed seat and side benches

Our fibreglass hull is specially stiffened with reinforced panels to take the stress of sailing. This has enabled us to dispense with both the leeboard thwart and mast bracing used in plastic open canoes.This makes the canoe less cluttered and makes it easier to stow loads of expedition gear in dry bags.Although it is a solo canoe there is room to take an occasional passenger if you are not carrying loads of gear.

With a single fixed webbed seat and side benches this canoe is more dinghy-like and easier to sail than a standard open canoe and yet still retains its ability to be paddled when the wind dies.

Like all our sailing canoes Curlew is easy to transport on the roof of your car and can be supplied with its own dedicated portage trolley.

Curlew on Hickling Broad

Solway Dory Curlew on Hickling Broadsolway dory sailing canoesSolway Dory Curlew on Hickling Broadsolway dory sailing canoe

Curlew on Loch Sunart

Solway Dory Curlew on Loch SunartCurlew Sailing Canoe on Loch Sunartsolway dory sailing canoeSailing canoe with leeboard