The Expedition Bermudan Rig- £550

expedition bermudan rigsailing rigsailing rigsailing rigexpedition bermudan sailExpedition Bermudan Rig













The Expedition Bermudan Rig is our latest sail, designed for the paddler who wants better sailing performance. It has an area of 35sq ft which will sail close to the wind and point higher than our lugsails.






The other big advantage over a lugsail is the speed and ease of reefing. By turning the mast and rolling up the sail, the area can be reefed, one turn at a time, down from 35 sq ft to around 6sq ft.





This allows you to choose exactly the right amount of sail to have up, in 6 or 7 easy stages, so that you have the most efficient sail that you can manage in a variety of wind strengths.








The sail can be completely rolled up around the mast and the mast laid down across the thwarts if you want to remove the rig for paddling. This keeps the sail crease free and in good condition.







Alternatively the two part mast can be separated and the rig folded in half before rolling up the sail around the spars. This reduces the bundle to 7ft 6inches long which will easily stow in its bag under the thwarts on the floor of the canoe.
























The rig comes with sail, mast, boom, sheet and blocks, mast thwart, & mast foot.

For sailing upwind the rig needs a leeboard. With our Expedition Leeboard it can be paddle sailed using paddle strokes or ruddering with the paddle for steering. For more control it can also be sailed with our rudder. It is best to have plenty of buoyancy in your canoe for sailing, and we can supply side bags.

This rig is  very versatile and fully fitted out with outriggers can make a seaworthy sailing canoe. All these can be found on our Accessories Page


Details of how to place an order can be found HERE