The Quetico - paddling version from £3,000; sailing version from £3,900

The Quetico Open Canoe is a quality solo/tandem canoe designed by the famous canoe designer John Winters.

The Quetico is built using resin infusion/resin transfer moulding, Carbon/Kevlar, and a Soric core in the base of the hull, and fitted with lightweight aluminium gunwales. The use of resin infusion/resin transfer moulding enables us to build with the optimum ratio of resin to reinforcement giving a strong, stiff & lightweight hull.

We offer the Quetico paddling canoe with tandem seats & a kneeling thwart or as a solo boat. All Queticos have small bow & stern buoyancy tanks to give positive buoyancy, and tie down points for end air bags.

Specifications & dimensions:

  • Length- 15ft 6inches
  • Gunwale width 34inches
  • Waterline width 31.6inches
  • Bow height 19.6inches
  • Stern height 17.6inches
  • Centre depth 13inches
  • Bow rocker 1.75 inches
  • Stern rocker 0.5inches
  • Assymetrical hull shape
  • Optimum load range 320lbs- 400lbs
  • Industry capacity 900lbs
  • Weight from 45lbs (20kg) depending on level of fit out.
  • Can be set up for solo or tandem paddling
  • Optional fitted Buoyancy bags
  • Optional sliding front seat
  • Optional kneeling thwart

The Quetico is a great boat for flat water touring and easy moving water - a delight to paddle tandem or solo.


Paddling Quetico: from £3,000 - this includes tandem seats, or a solo sliding seat, small end tanks to provide positive buoyancy, and  tie down points for side & end air bags

Sailing Quetico: from £3,900 - as per the paddling version above, plus the 25 Lugsail Expedition rig, expedition lee-board & thwart, & side & end air bags

We also offer the Sailing Quetico with the 35 Bermudan Expedition Rig, lee-board, rudder, sliding sailing seat & side benches: from £5,000

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quetico open canoe

quetico open canoe

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